YOU IS NO ALONE Griffith Park Hiding Man™ Hand Painted Warning Sign 16x20 Park Salvage Acrylic On Wood

YOU IS NO ALONE Griffith Park Hiding Man™ Hand Painted Warning Sign 16x20 Park Salvage Acrylic On Wood

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Original painted sign installation from Griffith Park, reacquired after 11 months in remote location. Cleaned and preserved for good taste. Acrylic on salvaged wood obtained from park. Just regular wood, really.


Edition of 1. No prints. 

This whole Griffith Park story is told in fragments by a very unreliable narrator from god-knows-where via a series of warning 'posters,' primarily, featuring words and pictures. And one person wanders along and sees one poster and their brain makes what they make of the information contained in that piece. And along comes another person and their brain does what it does and so on and so forth. Eventually, another comes along, sees that same poster, pops their claws, and, without embarrassment of any sort, begins to scratch away at it. Right there in public! Slowly at first but evidence has shown that at some point, their work begins to get hurried, sped up, sloppier, leaving bits and pieces behind. Occasionally the artist finds this carnage and wonders if it was done in attempt to obtain the artwork or destroy it.

But this happens constantly, really, and is the primary cause of death for these posters. So, across fifty..sixty..(?) different posters, posted a number times (who could even guess...) in a number of places, all of which are seen by an unknown number of eyes (brains), featuring a specific story fragment, those eyes lucky enough to encounter it before the claws come along. So where does that leave the story? Do any of those eyes encounter more than one poster? More than two? Is there a master assembler who has been fortunate enough to encounter them all? Does a complete story present itself if, say, the collective eyes could be gathered together? 

"So there is also some kind of baby thing or it is a man that looks like a baby..."

"Right. Right, the 'blue baby.' And I saw one that mentions that he sort of heralds the Chud guy. Or was it Dennis?"

"I read that Dennis controls them all. He's like their boss"

"I thought he lived there in the 50s or something"

"He did. But it said his astral form runs things now because he's presumably dead by now"

"He is. I looked him up."

"So Dennis or his spirit or whatever puppeteers the Chud and Hiding Man?"

"The flyer I saw really presented the Hiding Man as the star of the whole thing, it didn't seem like he would answer to anyone"

"Yeah, he is more of a free agent or wild card type. But I agree that Dennis is probably the big entity in the park, he's responsible for possessing people so it seems likely he got a hold of whoever the Chud was before being deputized"

"Ive seen those too. Dennis possessing is a big threat through several of them"

"The Hiding Man" seems pretty threatening to me. He's shown grabbing people"

"Yes, but he's particular. We've seen across several flyers that he only grabs people offending the rules of decency within the park..."

"Rules of decency?"

"The whole 'don't act trashy' thing"

"So he's park judge, jury, and executioner?"

"I think he's benign, mostly. Unless you behave like trash"

"Yeah, he isn't murdering or abducting just anyone. He isn't shown to be some killer or maniac type"

"No, he isn't. He is performing some type of character rehabilitation on these poorly-behaved abductees"

"New life in pipe. Right"

"Yeah but still..."

"Only a threat to people in the park who are, and this is directly from a poster, spitting, throwing trash, fighting, blasting music, masturbating.

"I really see no problem with any of that. Help these poor souls, Hiding Man"

"So why hasn't he abducted the Chud. The poster says he does all of those things?"

"Good question but there was a poster that said they are enemies"

"The artist posts drawings of them engaged in sex acts, kissing, having children"

"On instagram?"

"Yeah, they are on priority mailer labels and they show the Chud impregnating the Hiding Man and them in tender embraces, etc"

"So they are a couple"

"Maybe? Maybe occasionally a couple, occasionally enemies?"




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