Do not post online

If you are outside, anywhere in Los Angeles and you encounter one of my posters, please check it thoroughly for pre-authorization before posting it to your favorite social media platform. If you see this stamp on the poster, you are not allowed to post it anywhere online or you can expect to face penalty. If this stamp is present, you do not need to do anything other than look at the poster and think about it for however long you'd like. 

How to authorize, step 1: send photo of poster via email to ; step 2: wait patiently for reply from artist, additional emails will not expedite process; step 3a: upon reply from artist, do exactly what artist instructs regarding sharing photo of poster, this typically includes an authorized recipients list of approved artwork appreciators; step 3b: do not post online until (or if) authorization has been granted.




More importantly, should you be the type to spend your waking hours on reddit in search of upvotes and an increased karmic standing, do not, I repeat, do not post any of my posters with this stamp upon it's face to that platform. Unless you seek a virtual chorus of moans, whines, and wheezes, this is for your benefit as well.

Please understand that there are no further instructions for authorization for the use of posters being shared on reddit. It is, without exception, forbidden, and doing so will result in a sizable penalty to be determined by the artist and a council of the artist's closest confidants and admirers. A penalty will be issued within a timeframe of twenty-four to seventy-two hours.





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