You are very smart and special for finding this site so, before proceeding, I have a question for you: Which makes more sense?

(1) After ten or so years of artwork and thousands of posters, flyers, sculptures, and artifacts distributed into the world, your discovery of this site means that my long game is about to succeed: to sell you a t-shirt. Why sell several $20 made in China, print-on-demand tees a month until everyone in Los Angeles is a walking Hiding Man ad when you can drip, drip, drip a cool bi-monthly $120 through a site with near-zero traffic? A perfect long con by a lame 'artist.'


(2) Over the last two years, mostly in response to having my body of artwork stolen and appropriated for profit by multiple pathologically-boring persons, I have built a specialized selection of merchandise featuring the characters and concepts within the body of artwork that I have created and poured a great deal of time, energy and money into expanding over the last decade. Garments with specifications that adhere to a higher standard of quality, taste, and a strict anti-waste ethic (which means that each design is made in micro amounts using recycled/vintage materials) and split between being offered for sale here and hidden for discovery within the geographic areas featured in the artwork, free of charge.

Now, I know, some of the chronically online have a difficult time believing that something interesting they found can be done simply for "the fun of it" or an undefined drive only. There must be a bigger plan and it is, of course, always insidious! And, boy, what is more crass and distasteful than a poor artist looking to make a buck from their work?

If the answer to my question is an easy #1 for you, I recommend that you close this tab and never come back. My goals and interests do not include gathering the approval of or converting social media louts or selling through the inventory offered here. What I am interested in, however, is reaching those who enjoy this little world of mine. I have met and spoken to many of you, IRL, and really appreciate these interactions. It is very important to me that someone who finds these posters, out in the wild (or online...I guess...) can enjoy and absorb them free from tacky distractions like hashtags and social media identifiers and transparent consumerist directives. And so far, my takeaway from meeting people who enjoy my work is that it seems to resonate with some very smart, funny, and truly unique and intelligent people, despite (or because of?) the springy dicks, soft threats and defecatory content within some of my work. These engagements and to a lesser-degree, the occasional sales here, offer an important counterbalance to the flippant (and lazy) concept that I occasionally encounter with online chatter: that my artwork is somehow both interesting and worthless at the same time.

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