The Hiding Man Garments FAQ

Anyone interested in sustainability or the ethos behind the merchandise I produce may care to read the following, the rest of you will be bored...

  • When I produce a new design, I will divvy off a portion of them for giveaways, usually hidden throughout Griffith Park and surrounding neighborhoods. For example, if I make 15 of a design, I may hide 5, 7, or 10 of them around the area to be found by those interested in my work. The remainder is usually divided between myself (archive) and friends and family with a handful offered for sale here.
  • All items offered feature my original designs and artwork and are printed on recycled and/or vintage garments. No two pieces will be exactly alike: unique differences in fit, shape, and wear will be found throughout each batch produced and should not only be expected but also embraced. Please make sure to note the simplified measurements: chest size (pit to pit) x length (back of collar to bottom of hem) in product descriptions.
  • Typically, no more than 10-15 of each design will be printed. I don't believe that Ive ever produced more than 25 of a single design. That's total. As in: in the world. Often times, just one or two total pieces will be made for items like jackets, unique garment cuts and complex washes and/or dyes. Absolutely no reprints of any design. Any future, similar designs will feature noticeable changes to differentiate. 
  • Illustrated garments offered here are one-of-a-kind original pieces of artwork, all hand illustrated directly on the garment. These are not screen-printed and involved many hours (and pens) of illustration to accomplish. 
  • It is paramount to my ethos that any design work created by myself or utilizing art created by myself is printed using recycled materials, there is enough junk out there and I refuse to contribute to that problem. Any printed garments featuring my artwork and/or designs printed on modern, cheap materials are unlicensed and unauthorized replicas. All of my artwork is copyrighted, registered with the US copyright office and is protected by law.
  • It is my preference to use single stitch (a form of shirt construction popular in U.S. manufacturing until the late 1990s), USA made t-shirts and sweatshirts, etc. ca. the late 1970s through the late 1990s whenever possible. I take great care in sourcing truly special items for the production of these limited pieces and that sometimes requires stepping outside of these parameters but the goal is to create items that will last as long as possible.
  • Though it is not always the case, I try to add my own custom tags to each garment. These labels often include narrative elements relevant to the larger lore throughout my work. 
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