"Say uh, you seen a fella with a, well...(hangs head, spits, rubs foot into dirt trail) with a sorta...melty like face come run through here?"
This dummy is far more attractive and stylish than the folks who comprised the deputized branch of the DPP, known as the Rancho Watch. They were mostly Burbank, CA locals, children of low level Lockheed staff. Not too bright but they enjoyed the thrill of guarding the equestrian neighborhoods and connecting tunnels. Blind, unyielding loyalty to authority of any sort, aggression, and an embarrassing degree of pride in their town made them perfect for the DPP's m.o.
The DPP logo...iconic? Or just a sad reminder of a failed, Los Angeles bureaucracy? Sure it is marred by tragedy but none that wasn't wrought by their own actions. As they say, what goes around comes around (using a borderline mystical network of passages to enact a strategic, incendiary vengeance) DPP - Department of Parks & Pipes - Invasive Resident Search and Containment - GRIFFITH PARK - L.A. RIVER - BURBANK RANCHO
The infamous DPP Rancho Watch insignia appears on the upper left chest/shoulder area. It is a marvel that one of them had the capacity to design a clubhouse logo, which is no small feat. And credit where it is due: remember, this is pre photoshop, hell, before computers, really. And to do it with those "hands" of theirs...
This is the only surviving example from this team of Burbank busybodies. While it is entirely possible that another example could have avoided incineration, if it exists, it is likely rotted and dissolved and long absorbed by the park. This specimen exists just on the odd twist of fate that the youngest member of the watch, removed it  and hung it on the Mariposa horse bridge before advancing into the park that afternoon.
How it fits.

Vintage Levi’s Department of Parks & Pipes 1960s Big E Trucker Jacket 20x27 Medium

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Edition of 1 total pieces. Authentic piece of DPP history, likely belonging to someone who died pursuing The Hiding Man or one of several other invasive residents of Griffith Park.

This "clubhouse" jacket likely belonged to some poor asshole, deputized by the DPP after the the second or third waves fell during The Confrontation. This is a rare, Rancho Watch edition and as we all know today, those were some pretty dim folks out of Burbank. The small outfit was made of up of several second generation Burbank residents. The adult offspring of working class Lockheed employees, this posse of busybodies held an atypical fondness for authority figures (the pettier the stronger) and a strange, fervent pride for their hometown of Burbank.

Size Medium: Measures 20” chest 18” shoulders by 27” long with 25” long sleeves from shoulder seam to cuff. Beautiful true indigo 1969 to 1971 Levi’s Big E Type III trucker jacket. 

Wear ironically because nobody misses the DPP.

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